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You're going to be paying out enough for dates or gas, etc just to go meet them, WHY pay for a site that guarantees you nothing?

Don't GO NEAR AFF if you have to choose stay here at POF as it's free and if you get a crap e-mail u can just delete it! Of COURSE it's easy for you to find people on there YOU'RE A WOMAN! heck see how many reply to you in a chat room, or even better how many reply to emails you send them, especially on a site like that, real world numbers are like 0, 0 and 0. Mail on Sex Search is bot mail from the server, anybody reading my profile would knowhow to get in touch."And How about Sex Search?? I was just messing around and I posted a one line profile that read 'not currently in a relationship.' Within 24 hours I had 6 emails and I was put on 4 'hotlists.' You can see the supposed pics of the emailers. The one thing they all had in common is that they're pictures were magazine ad quality. I am supposed to believe there are all these hot hot women, who live in my town, who like to take sexually provacative pictures and just can't seem to find anyone to sleep with. ;) I would email them back telling them I was more interested in a picture of their upper head... Of real living breathing women on that site, a survry was done sometime back and for every women on that site, there were 10 men and half of the available women were looking for other women! Can't say if it works or not no one has answered any of my notes that were sent. Hope someone might have better luck than I did here.Many of the sex blogs on the site seem to have nothing to do with sex and more to do with older aged members complaining about modern life.Most of the people online when I was logged in were older men.Although Adult Match Doctor does charge a small monthly fee for members looking for a few extra features that really aren't necessary, anyone can sign up and use the gross majority of Adult Match Doctor's site for no cost whatsoever."Adult Match Doctor's mission is to provide an interactive place where people can meet, communicate their desires, get laid and maybe even fall in love, for free." A free Adult Match Doctor membership includes access to all of the forums and blogs (including the opportunity to create your own), as well as the ability to contact all members and respond to messages.There are options for users to say they are interested in gay, bisexual and heterosexual pairings, as cater to people looking for erotic chat or email, discreet relationships, sex, group sex, BDSM, one night stands, fetishes, cross-dressing and exhibitionism and voyeurism.

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