An error in updating your system has occurred powershell

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My lab is running Windows Server 2012 Data Center Edition, and I am using a QNAP nas with ISCSI as shared storage.

After searching the web a bit, I found similar errors referring to SQL 2008 when not running setup as admin, so I tried running setup explicitly as administrator to no avail. Furthermore, when I cancelled the setup the cluster resource didn’t uninstall completely, so I ended up with a stale resource group.

This appears to be simple on the first hand but it gets little complicated if you bring servicing into picture.

Installation script must ensure that the underlying software is serviceable.

i am installing "Windows XP-KB926139-v2-x86-ENU"(power shell) at the end i get "an error in updating your system has occured." select 'OK' to undo the chnages that have been made.

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For non-terminating errors we have the option to tell Power Shell how to handle these situations.

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Loading managed Windows Power Shell failed with error 80131522. Try and reinstall Power Shell by running the install file again, i.e.Give an opportunity to user to see “End User License Agreement”.Depending upon circumstances, this will give an opportunity to the user to either go ahead with the installation or cancel the installation task. All the help related content native unmanaged resources are language dependent as these really are unique per language.The VM’s were fresh installs, so there shouldn’t be any other conflicts.I haven’t been able to find any references to this specific error anywhere else, but the resume key filter file seems to be related to Windows 2012’s new transparent failover feature for SMB 3:

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