Bishounen dating game

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These days, one of the quickest and most popular methods for stocking a video game with a cast of attractive anime-style characters is to pick a class of item and anthropomorphize the heck out of it.

There’s currently no hotter mobile game than Kantai Collection, in which players command a fleet of pretty girls who’re all modeled after World War II-era Japanese warships.

By researching what was worn by your character you can learn a lot about who that person is or was.

Although visual novel/simulation games exist for almost every genre, the otome style typically has the main goal of developing a romantic relationship between the female character and one of several love interests (usually all males, occasionally females).Breaking The Seme/Uke Dynamic Ever wonder where those smoldering seme and blushing uke come from? Let’s discuss the advantages of buying yaoi digitally, the best sites to buy from, and format and device options. Costumes, Cosplay, and Characters Wearing a costume can be more than just putting on a fancy outfit.This panel talks about their history and where they’re going! But We’re Both Guys: Unpacking BL Cliches “I’m not gay, you’re just special! It gives you the opportunity to truly inhabit the life of a character.Bishounen After Dark Our bishounen spill their secrets in this after-hours tell-all.May start a few minutes late as our boys recover from the Host Club. On Ice Bishounen Life Drawing Bring your sketchbook and practice life drawing on our lovely Bishounen. Character Development in Fiction Learn how to go beyond the standard tropes when writing queer characters in fiction.

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