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We're all for her attitude: If your partner won't give you what you want or need, get it somewhere else.It's not the best strategy in every situation, but in this case her partner was definitely a bad sport for no reason.It currently has almost 32 million views and five thousand comments. In the video, a woman and a man who appears to be either her boyfriend or her date are caught on a kiss camera at a game.The lady turns to her partner for the outing, however, he doesn’t budge or indulge in the tradition of kissing when the kiss cam is on you.

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It's just a small peck, but is enough to send her partner off in an angry huff.

She looks exasperated as we walks away - but the duo's reactions were far from realistic.

A quick-thinking woman who was snubbed by her date after being thrown live on a kiss camera scored instant payback by passionately kissing the man seated next to her.

What can you possibly use this app for:*Start your engagement off right with a retro video proposal or add that vintage touch to your divorce announcement.*Recreate your parent’s poorly shot family home videos.*Create your own creepy found footage movie and send it to a stranger.*Dress up and film your own video dating segment.

Send it to someone who remembers what those are.*Record your own music videos for You Tube.

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