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And of course I can't just come out and say who, because that would kind of ruin the story for Arc 3 : P Spanosa: Can you confirm the existence or non existence of the Roommate in Arc 1?Jadusable H: I believe based on what Jadusable says in "The Truth" document, he casually mentions that he was living in a single, whereas the Youtube account was posting videos claiming to be his roommate.

Watch Movies does not host, nor does it upload video files. We ask that members be patient and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience.They are crazy people who waste alot of money for some account called -Insert anime character name from X anime-Chatango isnt all a bad site,overall. I mean,facebook but thats the past..where many normal people used to come just for chatting and now..Theres just RPers, Original nerds and stupid whores. I'm just now getting in and have to deal with a few things first.Jadusable H: Yeah sorry again, this has been a hectic night Jadusable H: Thanks for baring with me Jadusable H: Just a bit longer Jadusable H: =\ Anegative: Twss Jadusable H: Alright, ready to go now.

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