Dating a kabar

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Tang stamped "KABAR CLEVELAND, OHIO 1227 - STAINLESS HONG KONG". Nice finger grooved stacked leather handle, the leather is tight with red, white, and black handle spacers. Rare Antique Ka-Bar Union Cutlery Knife "Genuine Stag Boy's Knife". Satin finished stainless steel drop point hunting blade. Old Ka-Bar Knife "Stacked Leather Small Clip Point Hunter w/ Grooves". Comes with a sheath but not the original sheath that is pictured. Polished stainless steel clip point hunting blade with blood grooves on both sides. Beautiful genuine antique burnt stag handle with brown and black handle spacers. Metal guard and butt cap are also black epoxy powder coated.

I'm chika from indonesia , chubby , cute , simple and ordinary ...,im not skiny .... NEW YORK shield (raised)Late 40s : Shield only (raised)Late 40s to early 50s : N. BELOW ARE SOME CLOSE APPROXIMATES OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED MARKS. However, the city gradually lost its importance afterwards and was abandoned by the 15 century.All that remains of the once glorious Burana is its 24-meter high minaret, or tower, and other artifacts on the museum territory.

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