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DO check your workplace policies on interoffice dating.

Learn from what happened to Michael and Jan on “The Office.” Although it’s a TV show, many companies have very real policies that prohibit dating between managers and subordinates, and some prohibit dating across the board.

After firing CEO Dov Charney last month, American Apparel decided to update its company code of ethics with stricter guidelines regarding interoffice relationships.

If working in close proximity to your love interest makes it tough to keep your personal life from affecting your professional productivity, then dating a co-worker might not be the best choice.

And a whopping 31% of office relationships result in marriage—meaning they can't always be a bad idea, right?

Here's how to make sure pursuing love won't cost you your job: Avoid Getting Involved with the Wrong Person According to the Career Builder survey, 24% of intra-office relationships were with someone higher up in the organization.

DON’T flirt or be publicly affectionate in the office.

Not only is it inappropriate behavior, but PDA can make your other coworkers uncomfortable. Like it or not, rumors are going to spread once you’ve gone on a few dates.

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