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As Richard Milton observes, Darwinism/neo-Darwinism is as much a matter of faith as Christianity or Buddhism.

It has not been conclusively proven thus far, but scientists are treating it as truth and no longer searching for answers.

But to describe this book as being written for the average layperson when parts of it are so technical that I had to struggle to grasp what was being said (this being said by a woman who qualifies for Mensa membership)...

This is clearly written by someone who has not read the book.

These flows are still distinguishable today on the northwestern and western slopes of Ngauruhoe (Figure 4).

The 18 August flow was more than 18 m (55 feet) thick and still warm almost a year after congealing.

Because this book is aimed at disputing much of what is treated as fact by neo-Darwinists despite their not actually haven proven any of it, I can see why it would get its share of criticism.He attacks neo-Darwinism on the basis that its proponents either ignore the evidence that doesn't fit or go to extraordinary lengths to *make* it fit.He seems to believe that science is suffering for having decided that Darwin was completely correct and, instead of evaluating new evidence as it comes to light, eschewing those who have any evidence that we might not have the total answer just yet.Women cannot share pictures with men, and they cannot describe themselves in detail, nor can they meet a potential husband without a male family escort.There is not much room for flirting or even mildly suggestive conversation common on most dating sites.

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