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Usually along the lines of “Mummy is an idiot and forgot to buy milk for her cup of tea, so we are going to go to the shop and I will comment on everything I see like that old lady crossing the road, and the pigeons fighting over fried chicken from a bin which I’m pretty sure is cannibalism…” and it pretty much goes downhill from there. He was older and my intellectual superior, out of sheer intimidation I shook his hand like it was an interview when we said goodbye.So when at 23, I found myself a single mum of two under two, and I was panicking that I would never find anybody again, my lovely sister got me on Tinder. Let’s just say a detailed account of initiating breastfeeding, complete with cracked, bleeding nipples and hand actions were far from the highlights of the evening he was imagining. Dating is always scary, but when you’re a single parent to young children it’s a minefield.That she is looking to settle down as soon as possible is perhaps the biggest misconception about the single mother.

But finding that someone can be tough and let’s face it, a bit deflating.

And if she doesn’t fancy the idea of online dating, it can be even trickier. At datemy, you can give your mum a gentle nudge back into the world of dating by setting up a profile for her.

You then select potential matches and can even set her up on blind dates.

So i see all these post on here from single mothers wanting to move on, and meet someone new.

Well i am ready and i want to meet someone new but dont have much time to do it the old fashioned way.

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