My daughter is dating a gang member

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Finally, there are members known as “hard cores”, or the oldest, most tenured members of the gang.

They are members of the gang for life and care little , if any, for activities outside the gang.

Nothing could be further from the truth; gangs are still very prominent and they are always up to no good. You strive to give them their independence, let them know they have your trust, and you always want to believe the best, but you may have to set these things aside if your instincts tell you something is wrong.

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At 13, she even gave a cello recital at the Royal Albert Hall. Her descent from model student to ‘Princess Triad’ — the moniker given to her by her gangland associates — was alarmingly quick.As you might have guessed, it turns out his offer is too good to be true.Soon, the man she thought was her boyfriend and protector is selling her for sex to make money for his gang.One day a good-looking young man who buys drugs from her expresses concern for her safety.He says she can live with him and he'll take care of her and protect her family.

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