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And long before the days of shows like "The Bachelor," 1965 brought us "The Dating Game," the forerunner in TV dating shows for singles.

“It was a magic formula because, here you have a woman picking from three guys, so at home everybody's saying, “Oh, she's gotta take that number two, he's so handsome." The fact that women were making choices was a total different thing for dating,” said Jim Lange, host of the show until it went off the air in 1980.

Men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short "dates" usually lasting from three to eight minutes depending on the organization running the event.

At the end of each interval, the organizer rings a bell, clinks a glass, or blows a whistle to signal the participants to move on to the next date.

In one event, there was hardly any space between the tables.

Back then, big computers helped people find a mate.We’re going to talk a little bit about how to understand our impact on men, and then we’re going to talk about phases of life men go through, which will really help us determine if he’s even a match for what we’re looking for. I love helping women understand men, I’ve been teaching them for years and I finally decided to give women the insight that I’ve learned from working one on one with men. She’s the author of Love Mechanics, which is a book that was born out of her conducting thousands of interviews with single men across the USA for the cable special ‘Men Across America’. ” You know, and I said, “You got to realize, sometimes we put on such a big façade and such a big power trip that it freaks guys out.” Alissa Kriteman: And it’s not even the real authentic us anyway.So Renee Piane, welcome so much for being on Just for Women. She’s an inspirational speaker and dating coaching consultant whose life’s work is dedicated to educating men and women as we just said. And also you have training in timeline therapy and hypnotherapy, which I always think is important and gives a depth of, you know, a persons breadth of being able to work with men and women because you really have to understand how the human body, the human mind works in order to really have an impact, would you agree? You know, it’s interesting to think about that there are all kinds of daters today, and yeah it’s varied too. The number two thing is is that men are very sensitive to our energy and our vibration, you know, the tone of our voice, the way we speak to them, and being that I watch actual dating one on one at my rapid dating sessions, I see how the tone and the body language of women completely, can completely turn a man on or completely turn a man off. Renee Piane: And we are often very critical and very demanding of men right away, expecting them to know who we are and what we want and that they’re going to quote “get us”, you know, like, “I want a man”, women will say to me all the time in my seminars, “I want a man who just gets me”. I think we sometimes get into this, “I have to project something”, instead of really practicing being our authentic self and that comes from our own programming as women growing up, so I can understand the confusion in this whole dating scene.Men run from being pressured (on most any topic) 4.Men don’t really (deep down) want to go straight for intercourse with a woman they consider being with for a long time Renee’s resounding message for single women who are dating to find their soul mate? Enjoy this upbeat and straight-shooting interview from a Dating and Relationship Expert who is truly empowered and in love! [intro music] Alissa Kriteman: Welcome to Just for Women: Dating, Relationships and Sex. My show is dedicated to bringing you the most insightful and provocative experts on the issues that are most important.

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