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Plenty of families were out at the combination of space and steam.Helen Leyland, from Greenmount, was at Bury station with her two children, Connie, aged three and Seth, aged five.

“It is one of our more unusual events and we think that’s important, you wouldn’t associate railways and sci-fi.” In Ramsbottom, the trains were transporting people back to pre-historic times with characters and displays from the world of Jurassic Park and there was a chance to go hunting some ghouls with the Ghostbusters in Rawtenstall.

With the primary fleet out of range, the cadets are mobilized. Realizing that the "lightning storm" observed near Vulcan is similar to the one that occurred when he was born, Kirk breaks protocol to convince Pike that the distress signal is a trap.

Enterprise arrives to find the fleet destroyed and Narada drilling into Vulcan's core.

At Bury’s Bolton Street station, there was a range of characters from the world of Star Wars on the platforms, including Stormtroopers and other imperial soldiers.

Fans were greeted by the characters at the entrance and plenty took the chance to pose for pictures with the wide range of characters at the station.

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