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I do not hesitate to block or report those who are offensive to me. message that said " hey i love young gurls n wanna chat" fortunately i was bored so i told myself theirs no harm replying then i replied " oh yea so u married ? Then i replied again n said " then go n **** ur wife " hahahahaha n OMG he still replied n said " yea i... Maybe three times a week, I get a friend invite from a lady between 19 and 25. I'm certain that sites exist on the web devoted to only THAT! I love chatting and relating with people on different topics. So don't discount me if you see some sexy stuff on my profile.Clearly I'm completely uncool for thinking that talking about sex with strangers is LAME AS... I'd rather have someone in my inbox who has something real to say other than hello. A few times there have been some clever people send messages and I'll read and not respond. My husband secretly created an account on here and put that he wasn't interested in sex chat but he has fallen in love with someone that he has been emailing for 6 months and they have been having intimate chats.for that so please do not inbox me with that thought on your mind. and gals ..please don't let my experiences fool you..because i'll let you down ever time...i'm really a super chill person and sex talk is not even on my top least favorite things too do..i don't even think about father would say its all about timing.usually when... I have now lost my husband to this woman as I just can't fight... My profile basically is made up of these two "interests" that weigh heavily on my personal life, but have always been way to embarrassing to ever let anyone find out.My True Nympho Sex Story BY: Kelly Da Brat **This is the true story about Kelly and her early sexual experiences as a nympho.I first met her a few years back as I was a part of her Yahoo group.

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