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We recommend Geo if you don’t already have one chosen.Once you have your new certificate saved and copied, continue.AWStats is powerful log analyzer which creates advanced web, ftp, mail and streaming server statistics reports based on the rich data contained in server logs.It updates regularily, typically on daily basis, and provides an excellent graphical representation for easy understanding.Updating My SQL c Panel uses My SQL RPMs (packages) directly from Oracle’s repository.This is also why on c Panel servers, the service name is mysql instead of mysqld.Keep in mind that the update process has changed somewhat for My SQL, so here is some technical guidance to help you get through the c Panel update smoothly.

If Awstats not updating automatically then obviously you will have to update it manually.Confirm that the c Panel/WHM version that appears beside the “STABLE” selection is the version that you intend to upgrade to.It’s also a good idea to confirm your “Operating System Package” and “Spam Assassin Rules” update settings.The simplest way to do this is just use mysqldump on the command line when logged into your c Panel server as root over SSH: Once the DBs are backed up, you will need to tell c Panel to set the My SQL version to 5.1 or greater.You can do this by editing the c Panel configuration file manually, which is located at /var/cpanel/cpanel.config.

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