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And this is after the staff stayed up late doing closing out work and spending some time writing emails back home.

It turns out that many of these crew members have work days that last from 6am to 10am with only short breaks in between.

That said, it’s a stressful job with long hours (100-hour weeks are not unheard-of) and demanding passengers.

USA TODAY published an article today titled USA TODAY's Guide to Cruise Ship Gratuity Charges.

Cord marks were left on her neck from being repeatedly strangled.

But the tips are tighter now and, with the auto-gratuities, less likely to end up with the waiters and cabin attendants. Many cruise lines permit the guests to adjust or remove the gratuities while they are on-board the ship.

NCL requires its guests to go through a onerous process of filling out forms after the cruise before a gratuity can be lowered or removed.

A civil lawsuit was filed on Friday in a Seattle district court on behalf of Jane Doe who was almost thrown overboard by her rapist during the fight for her life on Valentine's Day last year on MS Nieuw Amsterdam.

Holland America was 'grossly negligent', Jane Doe's attorney John H.

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