Puck and santana dating

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Hardly any of them were presented from Santana’s point of view, so with the recent exception of Brittany, we know little to nothing about the state of Santana’s feelings about her interactions with several other characters.

Rather, we have to assemble the writers’ somewhat inconsistent evidence, look at Santana’s actions, read between the lines, and try and reach our own wobbly conclusions.

The first person Santana was truly introduced in conjunction with was Puck.

Assumedly, they were dating at the time of “Acafellas,” when Mercedes longingly witnessed them kissing in the hallways.

Santana Lopez: [to Finn] What did you just say to her?

The longer the cycle goes on, the more distressed Santana becomes, until the point in mid-Season Two when Santana finally breaks out of the cycle by admitting her feelings for Brittany and giving up on fake heterosexual relationships with boys.She tries to convince both herself and the people around her–including Brittany, the girl she loves–that she is 105% straight by dating and sleeping with various popular boys, even at the same time that she maintains an ongoing sexual relationship with her female best friend.Unfortunately for Santana, because she doesn’t actually care about the popular boys who she dates and sleeps with on an emotional level and she isn’t sexually attracted to them, her relationships with them invariably turn out strained at best and disastrous at worst.‘s 45 Best and Worst Couples, Ranked To illustrate just how much things have changed during the past six seasons, “2009” began with a still-closeted Kurt getting slapped with an unthinkable ultimatum: join an extracurricular team… A chance meeting with Rachel Berry — of whose My Space videos he was a big fan — led Lady Hummel to the glee club, though Rachel was quick to clarify that she had no intentions of sharing the spotlight with him.Speaking of sharing the spotlight, we also got to relive the birth of Rachel and Mercedes’ rivalry, which was never technically resolved (unless you count TVLine’s ranking of had to do so without the use of the late Cory Monteith, a challenge the show tackled flawlessly.

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