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Just when you feel you are dating the best girl in town and put her in 'your wish is my command' position. Her actual crush is on your friend and she uses you to get to him! She goes out of her way to come up with ways to break your friendship. You find yourself lying to her whenever you have to meet your buddy for lunch or catch up on a sport or a movie.She doesn't give you space and should you ignore her text messages or choose not to answer her calls, then you have had it! Possessed demon: She picks up a fight every time your female friend's number starts flashing on your mobile.

The facilities will require significant renovations and investment. You can purchase tickets for is a celebration of students, staff, and community members who go “Beyond Z” in their pursuit of excellence at KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School and KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High School.

UPDATE II: Harding responds on blocking the website. QUEER PRESS I'm writing you on behalf of a group of former and current Harding University students who identify as gay or lesbian.

UPDATE III: See video from Harding president David Burks reading a statement about the website and zine, and see how the story has spread across the blogosphere and on social media in the first Storify. We have collectively written and compiled a zine about our experiences being gay and lesbian at Harding (an explicitly conservative, religious, anti-gay institution, as you probably know) and have prepared for a large scale distribution of this zine, in physical and electronic forms, for this coming Wednesday and Thursday.

And in Forrest City, a generous land donation will soon pave the way for a new campus to serve the students in that community.

One of the best parts of this growth is that it will breathe new life into empty buildings and revitalize local neighborhoods.

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