Vibration of self consolidating concrete

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Through the development of chemical admixtures solutions, researchers at CEMEX’s Global Center for Technology and Innovation design special concretes that fulfill the construction industry’s increasingly demanding performance requirements.CEMEX offers a special concrete portfolio, comprised of such products as ultra rapid hardening concrete, crack-resistant/low shrinkage concrete, self-consolidating concrete (SCC), architectural concrete, pervious concrete, and a number of others.We continuously work to improve the properties of concrete that make it a key component of sustainable construction: durability, resistance to aggressive environments, light reflection, and capacity to store energy, among others.Cement that is pneumatically loaded into silos is less dense while cement that has been stored and exposed to vibration, like being transported, is more dense. bag of cement will make one cubic foot when it is freshly packed.The density of lightweight concrete is 1920 kg per cubic meter or 116 lbs per cubic foot (3132 lbs per cubic yard).

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